Trafficking suspect: Victim not without blame

Vibert Jean charged with human trafficking


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Family, friends and neighbors of one of the men accused of sex trafficking a 13-year-old runaway, and pocketing the money she made at Club Madonna, say the victim was not entirely without blame for what happened.

As the defense called witness after witness to the stand in a hearing to try to secure bond, a very different picture of Vibert Jean and the 13-year-old girl emerged.

Jean's friends say the girl lied, claiming she was older. They say that at one point they even tried to secure a ride to reunited the young teen with her mother, but the mom took off and disappeared.

Jean's fiancee -- a civil engineer in Tampa, said that for a least five days during the time all of this happened, Jean wasn't even in Miami.

His defense attorney says he's charting new legal ground, given that the human trafficking charge Jean is facing is relatively new.