Gun for your sweetie on Valentine's Day?

Texas police department encourages men to get gun for their ladies


KATY, Texas – Many women know guns. They know how to shoot them and they know how to handle them.

But is a gun the quickest way to a woman's heart, especially for Valentine's Day? That's the suggestion a Texas police department is making on its Facebook page. They're encouraging men to give their lady the gift of safety in the form of a firearm.

Sales manager Colin Van Dyke of Tactical Firearms said females already make up to 45 percent of his store's clientele. The store even has pink and purple pistols marketed to women. So in his opinion a firearm as a present would be on target, as long as she knows what she's doing.

"That's a great idea as long as safety is first," said Van Dyke. "Because there's nothing more dangerous than a complete novice with a firearm."

But would a firearm be as romantic as a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates? Well fellas, you have to know your lady.

"I think if you get the right type of woman it'd be romantic for her," said Teal.

Markley said she's the right type of woman.

"I would jump at that person and kiss him and thank him so much," said Markley. "Because guns are expensive, and I would have so many if they were cheaper. I'd be like, 'Let's get married because you know me so well!'"

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