Miami Beach canine officer receives special support from community

K-9 'Pepe' currently deployed in Afghanistan

MIAMI BEACH – A military member and a Miami Beach canine officer who are currently serving overseas in Afghanistan are receiving special support from his friends back home.

Detective Grant Reid, who is a member of the Miami Beach Police department SWAT Team, said he's raising money for them and needs the help of the community.

"I served with him prior in the military before. And then he went on to serve his country still, to do bigger and better things," said Reid.

Reid's former military member is currently in Afghanistan along with his K-9 "Pepe," and a team that works to train soldiers in the country.

"It's an Army Special Ops attachment that's deployed overseas. They have a team work on outpost far away from any base," said Reid.

Reid said because they're far away from any base, basic necessities are needed.

"Beef jerky, gum, baby wipes, snacks -- things that they need,"said Reid.

To show his support, Reid said he first sent them a patch overseas, just like the one he wears.

"It's very significant. It kind of ties us together," said Reid. " I'm on the SWAT Team here. Not that it's a comparison to what they do every day, but we share the same mindset, the same qualities, the same drive ambitions ... to help other people."

And now he hopes a little help will be returned, sending snacks and some comfort from home.

"It means a lot. The wars not over," said Reid. "They're away from their families, they are away on holidays and they are still out there."

If you want to help deployed soldiers, you can donate to the information below:

MBPD Headquarters

1100 Washington Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33139