Dog burned while being treated for ticks recovering in Margate

Ruby caught fire after owners used medication, tried to burn tick with lighter

MARGATE, Fla. – A family dog is recovering at an animal hospital after suffering burns while being treated for ticks.

Ruby suffered severe burns when her owners were treating her with flea and tick medication Tuesday night in the Fox Ridge community in Parkland.

One of the owners was trying to burn a tick with a lighter -- Ruby then caught fire.

The owner, Jesus Olivas, grabbed the dog and tired to get her to safety in the pool. Both Olivas and Ruby were burned.

Olivas was treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital for his burns. Ruby is being treated at Dr. Peter's Animal Hospital in Margate.

"The burns are very extensive," said Peter. "They cover 50 percent of her body and, of course, our main concern was to control the pain and the discomfort, so that is our main emphasis. Of course, long-term treatment will probably require surgery."

Local 10's Jacey Birch said all of us really need reminders as pet parents.

"When we use medications, they could be flammable," said Birch. "We could be putting ourselves and our pets in danger."

"For that reason, we do recommend for people who have this type of situation to contact their own veterinarian, who are the best equipped to type solve this problem and avoid this type of tragedies from happening in the future," said Peter.

Ruby could be at the animal hospital for days, maybe longer depending on her injuries and if she needs surgery.

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