North Miami Beach police gives away 'water' to keep criminals at bay

Law enforcement agencies in South Florida support the use of 'SmartWater'


NORTH MIAMI BEACH – This is no holy water, but even a Catholic church in Scotland has reportedly started using it to protect religious relics. "SmartWater" is a clear fluid designed to leave an invisible mark and numerical identification on items such as electronics, bicycles, and jewelry.

Several police departments across South Florida want everyone to have it. North Miami Beach police has a message for criminals: You better watch out, because "our residents are now using this technology."

Fort Lauderdale police gave away at least 500 kits in 2013. Coral Gables police is selling them for $30. Miramar police distributed about 300 earlier this month. And now North Miami Beach police will begin giving about 100 kits Thursday night.

Police believe the effort could help them track stolen property in places like pawn shops and flea markets and reduce the burglary rates.  This has already proven true in the United Kingdom where the product was developed.

According to the manufacturer the" SmartWater" has earth minerals that leave a mark that turns neon green under an ultraviolet black light. The "SmartWater" also has miniscule dots that have a tracing number on them.The kit also has a sprinkler system that is meant to leave a mark on a burglar.

North Miami Beach is using drug forfeiture funds to pay for the gifts, the department's spokesman Thomas A. Carney said in a statement.  The distribution begins at 7 p.m. at Uleta Community Center, 16880 NE 4 Ave.