Photo captures firefighter rescuing, treating dog from apartment fire

Photo shows dog treated by Fort Lauderdale firefighter

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A powerful photo making its rounds online shows a firefighter rescuing and treating a dog after a fire broke out in an apartment in Fort Lauderdale.

The photo, taken by firefighter Ben Johnson, who's a professional photographer on the side, was snapped just as crews were attacking a 14th-story Fort Lauderdale apartment fire Wednesday.

Steve Thomas, with the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Department, was there for the rescue.

"Jesus Martinez found the dog under the bed, brought him downstairs right away, started resuscitating the dog and the dog lived," said Thomas.

After the picture was taken, the pooch was released back to his owner unscathed with his tail wagging. Nobody was hurt in the fire.

It's a picture symbolizing the lifesaving work firefighters do almost everyday.

"Almost every firefighter in their career gets to rescue a person or an animal but to actually have a photo of it, it's a good feeling, and I'm sure it's something he'll appreciate for the rest of his life," said Chief Tim Heiser.