What's it like to witness an execution?

RAIFORD, Fla.Glenna: Don Ryce has said all along this is about justice, not revenge. And it definitely will not bring closure. He says he will be right there in front. We will be in the back row witnessing, and I tell you, that as a journalist who has covered this case since the beginning, I think documenting this portion of history is something I've really wanted to do. As a human being, I'm not so sure what to expect to actually watch a human being die.

Jeff Weinsier, my colleague, has already done that.

Jeff: I witnessed Danny Rolling's execution in 2006. It is a surreal experience.

We witness death in our line of work all the time, but it is very rare you get to see someone take their very last breath.

Danny Rolling's last statement, he sang with the chorus "None greater than thee, Lord. None greater than thee." These are words I hear to this day.

It is a very methodical process. You will be watching the Ryces' reaction and watching him take his last breath. Everyone handles that very differently but it is an experience you won't forget.

Glenna: Did you have the wall up?

Jeff: We're human. We're journalists, but we're also human. And the way I got through it was to think about the victims in the case -- the five Gainesville students that were murdered. I was able to think about them and get through it a little easier.