FBI: Ketut Pujayasa rapes cruise ship passenger, tries to throw her overboard

Room service attendant arrested after Holland America cruise ship returns to South Fla.

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – A cruise ship employee accused of raping a passenger and trying to throw her overboard has been arrested.

Ketut Pajayasa was taken into custody by the FBI after the Holland America cruise ship returned to Port Everglades on Sunday.

Investigators said Pajayasa, 28, confessed to the crime, saying he was punishing the woman because he believed she had insulted him and his family.

The woman told investigators Pajayasa appeared without warning inside her dark stateroom as she was preparing to go to sleep. She said he raped, punched and choked her and then tried to throw her from the balcony into the ocean.

Pajayasa works as a room service attendant and used his master key to enter the room, investigators said.

The alleged attack happened on Valentine's Day off the coast of Honduras.

Investigators said Pajayasa told them he only stopped because someone was pounding on the stateroom door and that he got away by jumping from one balcony to another outside the ship.