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Former NFL player accused of sexual assault in Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – As Local 10 was first to report, Miami Beach Police have confirmed former NFL-star Darren Sharper is under investigation for sexual battery.

Spokeswoman Vivian Hernandez said the report was filed Jan. 19.

"It is an open investigation and not releasable at this time," Hernandez said.

That report was filed just two days after Darren Sharper was arrested on rape charges in Los Angeles on two counts of rape by use of drugs, four counts of furnishing illegal drugs and one count of illegal morphine possession.

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Local 10 also uncovered a 2011 incident that involved Darren Sharper and his brother Jamie Sharper, also a former NFL player, at a condo in South Beach.

One of the women who filed the complaint against Darren Sharper said she was vacationing in South Beach with friends during spring break. Her last stop, according to the report, was The Mansion nightclub.

The woman said from there they were invited to Darren Sharper's South Beach condominium apartment by a friend.

"We ended up falling asleep on the couch, and I woke up to Sharper and one of his friends around me, whipping out their genitalia in front of me," one of the women said.

Police said the women reportedly told Darren Sharper and his friend to leave her alone and they complied.

The report said the women passed out again, waking up to find one of them attempting to lift her dress.

After slapping his hand away, the report states she woke up her friend, both of them then realizing their underwear was missing.

"The complainants made their way living room area and noticed their underwear laying on the floor by the couch," the report states.

Over the phone one of the women told Local 10, "I was terrified and I knew I needed to get out of there as soon as possible. We were all drinking at his hotel, so it (being drugged) is definitely possible."

A similar story was told by women in four other states, including Louisiana, Arizona, Nevada and California.

"Honestly, I'm not surprised," said the woman involved in the 2011 Miami Beach incident. "He was a man of money and he felt like he was privileged, and I think he just never thought anything would come about it."

Nothing came about from that woman's complaint. She and a friend went to to the Jackson Rape Treatment Center.

"We went there because we knew that we had been touched," the woman said.

The report shows DNA was collected and an examination was performed, but the report stated the doctor who examined them, "Did not find any evidence of sexual battery on either complainant.... At this point there is no evidence indicating that a sexual battery took place."

"There's not much you can do, it's sad," the woman said over the phone. "And you just have to learn from the experience and I definitely have my guard up, I definitely don't trust people the way I used to. It's really an eye-opening experience to see what kind of people are in this world."

The interview the woman had with Local 10 was the first time she's spoken publicly about the alleged assault.

The woman said she gathered the courage in the hope that her voice will support the women who will have to face Darren Sharper in a courtroom, and to give strength to those who may be struggling to come forward.

"I just hope that this helps stop anything else from happening in the future, that it doesn't happen to any other girls, that they might actually believe that this is really something that this man has done to women out there," she said.

Local 10 is working to uncover new details about Miami Beach's recent 2014 sexual battery investigation involving Darren Sharper.

Darren Sharper was released in L.A. on $200,000 bail. Due to the accusations in other states, prosecutors are asking that his bail be raised to $10 million.

If convicted on the charges in L.A. Darren Sharper faces up to 30 years in prison.

Stay with Local10.com for new developments in this ongoing investigation.

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