Judge weighs how much restitution 'neighbor from hell' should pay

Neighbors share stories about Mitchell Igelko in court

MIAMI – A man who earned the unofficial nickname "neighbor from hell" listened in court Thursday as a judge heard from those who live near him how much money he should pay.

Neighbors of Mitchell Igelko claim he has terrorized them for years, throwing eggs at their homes, nails on their driveways, sprayed poisonous chemicals on their lawns and hired other people to smash car windows, douse vehicles with gasoline and blow up a boat.

In December, Igelko was sentenced to five years of probation and ordered to pay restitution to his neighbors.

Thursday's testimony from neighbors included costs to repair cars, homes, pay for attorneys and private investigators and buy or upgrade security systems.

"He doesn't have any respect to the law," neighbor Francisco Torres testified. "He doesn't have any respect to the judicial system."

Another neighbor testified that he was worried about his son's safety.

"I was worried about my son, who is autistic, being abused by Mr. Igelko," Dr. Robert DerHagopian said.

Igelko's attorney told Local 10 that his client's neighbors were embellishing their stories.

"You have a situation where victims are so fed up that they start inventing things and adding to it," attorney Danny Espinosa said. "I think that's the case here."

The judge did not make a ruling Thursday.