Dashcam video shows officer's drunken arrest

Miami-Dade police Officer Albert Coriat arrested by FHP

PLANTATION, Fla. – A Miami-Dade police officer was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Officer Albert Coriat was pulled over by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper early in the morning Feb. 16 when Coriat made an illegal U-turn on Florida's Turnpike in Plantation.

According to FHP reports, Coriat had glassy eyes and smelled like booze. In dashcam video from the trooper's cruiser, Coriat is overheard telling the officers he's also a member of law enforcement.

"You say you're a cop," an officer responds. "Are you saying you're a police officer? Then you understand how the job is. Turn around, face the vehicle."

In another part of the video, Coriat pleads for his release while in handcuffs in the back of the car. "Bros, we're all brothers, man.. I'm metro, just let me go."

When Coriat was taken to a facility to perform a series of sobriety tests, he failed and vomited, according to the arrest report.

Video from later in the morning shows Coriat being transported to jail, arguing with the trooper.

"I would have let you go!" Coriat exclaims.

"No, I'm sorry. It doesn't work that way," the trooper responds.

Miami-Dade police have not commented on the incident because the investigation is ongoing, only saying Coriat was not on the duty at the time.