1-year-old twins found in pool in Sunrise

Children taken to Plantation General Hospital

SUNRISE, Fla. – A 1-year-old boy and his twin sister were rushed to a hospital Thursday after they were found floating in a community pool in Sunrise.

Sunrise Fire-Rescue Deputy Fire Chief Todd Draizin told Local 10 News that the siblings -- a boy and a girl who were almost 2 years old -- were found in the pool next to the leasing office where their mother works.

When paramedics arrived, the children were in cardiac arrest.

Paramedics performed CPR and took the children to Plantation General Hospital.

A woman believed to be the children's mother had to be consoled by police.

"I looked out on the balcony and I seen the mom hysterical," Ramon Witherspoon, who knows the family, told Local 10.

Witherspoon said he would cut the children's hair and often saw them playing together.

"You know, they feed the ducks, play at the basketball court, at the pool sometimes," he said. "It's just unfortunate this happened."

Sunrise police are investigating who lost sight of the kids and how they got past the fenced-in tennis court and into the pool.

"One see one do it (and) the other is going to come follow," Witherspoon speculated.