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State to sell former Broward Correctional Institution

Women's prison closed in 2012

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – A former women's prison in Broward County will soon be for sale.

The old Broward Correctional Institution is expected to begin accepting bids by the end of March, Florida Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Patrick Gillespie told Local10.com on Wednesday.

Gillespie said the DEP is responsible for selling the shuttered Florida Department of Corrections property on Sheridan Street.

A site appraisal is being conducted, after which time a minimum bid will be posted. The price has not yet been determined, Gillespie said.

When selling state property, it must first be made available to other state entities, Gillespie said. Then the county or local municipality has an opportunity to purchase the land at the appraised price, Gillespie said.

The money from the sale will go to a trust fund used by the state, Gillespie said.

Gov. Rick Scott's budget recommends that the DEP spend up to $40 million for the purchase of conversation land. If the provision passes, the state would use the sale of the prison to buy such land, Gillespie said.

Real estate brokerage house CBRE has been hired by the state to sell the prison.

Gillespie said the state has no preferred purchaser of the property.

"Our role is really just to sell it" and "get the best value for the state," Gillespie said.

Broward Correctional Institution opened in 1976. It was one of seven state-operated prisons to close in 2012 amid budget cuts.