Is Bieber's legal troubles, defiant demeanor 'detrimental' to his career?

Local 10's legal expert Lee Stapleton opines


MIAMI – I'm curious about Justin Bieber's lawyer. He must pay him or her a great deal of money and presumably he has the best lawyers money can buy. The lawyer surely told Bieber to only answer the questions asked, to be truthful and not to volunteer anything.

He ignored all that advice.

Examples: "I don't have to listen to anything you have to say." Really, could he sound any more petulant?

When asked if he's been to Australia, Bieber doesn't remember. He asks his manager if he's been there. The guy can't remember if he's been to the continent of Australia. Is Bieber that world-weary and jaded? He mostly sounds dumb.

The lawyer asked him if he knew Usher, the artist that is Bieber's "maker." Bieber's response is "The name is familiar." Did I mention he sounds dumb?

Baby Bieber's deposition shows him to be arrogant and uncooperative. He smirks, he grimaces, he mugs -- all bad when it's a videotaped deposition.

His petulance will come back to haunt him if the case goes to trial. He is ever so unlikable in the deposition and if he tries to change his trial testimony to something different that what he testified to in the deposition, he will be clipped by those clips.

He may not care about the case, but he should care about his career. Looking at him on tape should be troubling to him and those who make money with him and from him.

Bieber isn't a cute tweenager, he's a belligerent guy who's almost a man. Listening to him talk might make people not want to hear him sing.