Justin Bieber has defiant demeanor during deposition in Miami

Recorded deposition of Bieber released

MIAMI – TMZ has released Justin Bieber's videotaped deposition related to a civil suit by a photographer who said the pop star ordered a bodyguard to assault him outside The Hit Factory in Miami last June.

In a word, his demeanor is defiant. He is smug, snarly and sarcastic.

TMZ released portions of the more than four-hour deposition offering up clips where Bieber offers flippant responses to several questions. He at times looks annoyed to be there and not in the mood to cooperate.

At one point, while the attorneys in the room are bickering, Bieber takes a second to stare right into the camera and adjust the collar of his white button-down and black jacket adorned with a flower trim.

Things got really heated when a lawyer asked Bieber if he ever discussed his feelings about the paparazzi with love interest Selena Gomez.

Clearly it was a sensitive subject for Bieber; the baby-faced pop sensation warned the lawyer to never ask him about Gomez again while waving an index finger back and forth. His lawyer suggests a break and Bieber is seen getting out of his chair and walking away.

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The deposition happened just days after Bieber tweeted a picture of Gomez on his Instagram account with the words, "Most elegant princess in the world."

A lawyer also asked Bieber, "isn't it true that Usher was instrumental in starting your career?" Usher's mentoring of Bieber in the early part of his career has become music industry legend. Bieber squarely turned to the camera and said, "I was found on YouTube. I think I was detrimental to my own career."

His attorney quickly interjected the word "instrumental," but if you play back the clip, it appears quite clear Bieber said, "I think I was detrimental to my own career." He later sat back in his chair and said the word "instrumental" quietly to himself.

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Local 10 has reached out to Bieber's defense attorney and the attorneys representing the bodyguard and photographer involved in the civil suit, but none of them returned the station's requests for a statement.

Via Twitter, Local 10 also asked Bieber, Usher and Gomez for comment but did not hear back from the pop stars.