Baboon born at Jungle Island

Hamadryas baboon born week after birth of two ligers

Courtesy: Jungle Island
Courtesy: Jungle Island

MIAMI – A baboon was born at Jungle Island Wednesday, only a week after the birth of two ligers.

The baby baboon is being cared for by its four-year-old mother, Isis.

Jungle Island is the home to a troop of four Hamadryas baboons. The newest member makes has risen the number to five.

"The baboons at Jungle Island are a playful bunch and popular among our visitors who enjoy watching them," said Dr. Jason Chatfield, vice president of zoological operations.

"It's an excellent sign that Isis, a first-time mother, is taking care of her baby. We feel the newborn will make a great addition to the family," Chatfield added.

The Hamadryas baboon is considered an old world monkey native to Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen.