Deputies arrest man accused of breaking into cars

Broward Sheriff's deputies arrest 26-year-old David Jasinski


TAMARAC, Fla. – Broward Sheriff's deputies say they've arrested a man who made his living by stealing things from other people's cars.

"David leaves his house everyday at the same time specifically targeting neighborhoods where he thinks, or has information where people will leave their cars unlocked," said Sgt. Craig Brown with the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Jasinski was arrested early Friday morning by BSO and Coral Springs police whose detectives had him under surveillance when he went to work last night and hit several cars in a neighborhood near Ramblewood and Riverside drives.

Ray Rodriguez says three of his cars were accidentally left unlocked last night and according to deputies, Jasinski swiped and iPod and some change out of one them.

"We were searching, my daughter was coming through to get stuff out of the car for going on a trip and she left the doors open, I never came out to check them," Rodriguez said.

The 26-year-old has been in the same line of work since he was a teen and he has the mugshots to prove it, in fact, he was just arrested by Wilton Manors for the same crime last week.

Jasinski has a wife, child at home but investigators say that's not where he was spending his money.

"Typically it was cash to fuel his drug habit. The few electronics that he did pick up he told us many times he traded on the street for drugs," said Sgt. Brown.

Jasinski is facing several counts of burglary. He won't be at work tonight. He'll be in the Broward County Jail where his victims hope he works overtime.

"Seems like he needs to get a better job", Rodriguez said.