South Florida man starts fitness program for Christians

Christians are the most obese religious group in America

Local 10 News Sunday Morning cjo
Local 10 News Sunday Morning cjo

NORTH ,MIAMI – Going out to eat after church is a typical tradition for Christians, so it should be no surprise that they are the most obese religious group in America.

In fact, one out of every three Christians are overweight, and now one man has created a weight loss system built on biblical teaching.

Maxcen Charles started Maxx Out Fitness after he lost 60 pounds, and now he has more than 100 people in his class, working out with him six times a week.

Charles' program is like any other fitness boot camp with people desperate to get in shape, but this workout comes with divine inspiration.

"It made sense for me to pray and include God because it's a struggle to lose weight," said Charles.

Charles and the people in his program gather at the New Beginning Enrichment Center in North Miami located at 2398 Northwest 119 Street.

Gwen Reid started six months ago and says she already lost 40 pounds.

"It has impacted my life tremendously. I don't eat the same! I don't feel the same."

Not only is there "Maxx Out Fitness for God," but there are other faith based fitness programs that have popped up across the country. Those include "What would Jesus Eat," " The Prayer Diet" and "Body by God." For more information on Max's class click here or call the New Beginning Enrichment Center at (786)382-3565