NFL player takes Houston teen to prom

Christine Michael agrees to take family friend to prom

HOUSTON – For most, prom night is one of the most memorable moments of a young girl's life. For 18-year-old Taylor Kirkwood, Saturday night was her special night.

Kirkwood had everything a girl could ask for: the perfect earrings, perfect bracelet and the perfect pink dress.

In another room, her date to the Anahuac High School prom was getting ready as well. He plays football but not for the high school team.

He's Christine Michael, running back for the Seattle Seahawks.

"I'm just here for Taylor," Michael said. "It's a blessing. Like I said, she's a beautiful kid. I'm very proud of her."

Turns out the former Texas A&M star is a friend of Kirkwood's family and he agreed to take Kirkwood to her high school prom.

"I think he's cute," Kirkwood said.

Her family wanted to do something special for her because she hasn't always had picture-perfect days like these.

Not only does she have autism, but up until surgery a couple years ago she suffered from scoliosis, making a night like her prom all the more special.

"I'm so happy to go dance and have a good time," Kirkwood said.