City, property owners debate trailer in Deerfield Beach

Co-owner wants to set up amenities, cabanas, have surf camp on lot


DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – A trailer on the sand in Deerfield Beach has the city and the property owners of a 150-foot lot of the beach in a heated debate.

Co-owner Bob Sweetapple said he wants to set up amenities, cabanas and have a surf camp on his lot.

"I put the trailer here because I wanted to make a statement," said Sweetapple.

"This matter is a subject of two lawsuits and a prosecution for violations of the city code," the city told Local 10. "There are zoning and building codes that apply to this property, as well as state statutes, which the city must and will enforce."

For now the old Airstream mobile home is resting on its owner's lot and being used as beach storage.