Woman delivers triplets at 47; babies go home

Mother of 2 conceives triplets without fertility drugs

MIAMI – This Mother's Day, Sharon Lewis has her hands full with Dylan, Denard and Denare.

Lewis, 47, gave birth to triplets conceived without fertility drugs.

She said she wasn't trying to have more children. She already has two grown children, so the first sonogram was a little traumatic. The technician saw twins right away.

"The tears rolled because it was unexpected," she said. "Baby A, Baby B and she said C like she was going to go down some more alphabets."

Dr. Salih Yasin, an OBGYN at Jackson Memorial Hospital who cared for Lewis, called the babies a miracle.

"It was a miracle she got pregnant, a miracle she got there and a miracle they are normal and healthy and fine," Yasin said.

Yasin specializes in high-risk pregnancies. He said the chances of a pregnancy like this is one in hundreds of thousands.

Lewis carried the babies to 30 weeks and delivered them by Cesarian section. She did develop preeclampsia along the way, but doctors said she took great care of herself.

The babies were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for several weeks but are healthy and strong. They have been breathing on their own since their second day.

Now at a hefty 4 pounds each, the babies get to join their 25-year-old sister and 14-year-old brother who can't wait to have to them home.

Lewis said she has lots of family to help and believes her faith will help them raise these unexpected bundles of joy.

"I felt it was nobody but God that had blessed my womb at 47," Lewis said. "I thought he brought me to it. He will bring me through it."

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