Groundbreaking ceremony held at Zoo Miami for Mission Everglades exhibit

Exhibit part of $43 million project

MIAMI – The entrance to Zoo Miami came crashing down Wednesday, making way for a grander and more immersive experience than we've ever seen at the South Florida attraction.

Local 10 was invited to Wednesday's groundbreaking ceremony, marking the first step in a 14-month project. A new entry will be built in its place, along with a major exhibit called Mission Everglades.

It gives an incredible taste of what the people will see when they enter the park. It's a state of the art experience that you have never seen before at any attraction in South Florida, said Ron Magill, Zoo Miami's communications director.

Mission Everglades will feature native animals like gators, flamingos and even black bears, bringing one of South Florida's most unique habitats right to zoo visitors.

The $43 million project will be mostly funded by a county bond program, and supplemented by private donations.

The upgrades are part of a master plan approved in the year 2000, to keep our world class zoo evolving.

While the entrance is still being rebuilt, visitors can still come to Zoo Miami through a temporary entrance.


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