Paul George suffers concussion in game 2 against Heat

George kneed in head by Dwyane Wade in fourth quarter


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Paul George may be forced to sit out of the Indiana Pacers' next few games. Hours after the Miami Heat defeated the Indiana Pacers 87-83 Tuesday night, George admitted to having suffered a concussion, after Dwyane Wade kneed him in the head in the fourth quarter.

George was knocked to the ground after the hit, and his game was off for the remainder of the night. He even said he blacked out briefly, and played the rest of the game with blurred vision.

Under the NBA's concussion policy, a player must immediately be removed and evaluated if he's showing symptoms of a concussion, but George was never taken to the locker room to be checked by trainers or doctors.

The Pacers said George was evaluated for a concussion on the bench. But under NBA policy, a player is required to be taken to a quiet, distraction-free environment for a neurological test.

George underwent further testing and evaluation, Wednesday morning, and was diagnosed by the team's consulting neurologist with a concussion.

The director of the NBA Concussion Program released a statement saying, "The Indiana Pacers' medical team followed the NBA concussion protocol and there was no indication of concussion during the game. This case illustrates that concussion evaluation is an ongoing process and manifestations of the injury may not always present immediately."

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