Classmates create makeshift memorial at apartment for student killed in fire

Makayla Williams, 12, died Wednesday, along with her mother, brother

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – "We all gathered in the cafeteria to say our goodbyes and wrote notes," said David Machado, a friend of 12-year-old Makayla Williams, who died in an apartment fire along with her mother and younger brother.

On Wednesday, Makayla's classmates and friends were stunned to find out about her death.

On Thursday they posted letters, teddy bears and balloons in a makeshift memorial on the scorched apartment where she died.

Makayla's mother, Katrena, and 3-year-old brother, Vincent, also died in the apartment fire. Investigators believe something was left in the oven or on the stove.

Miami-Dade police say they are awaiting autopsy results.

Meanwhile, friends say Makayla and Vincent Jr.'s father, Vincent Sr., is absolutely devastated after losing his entire family in the tragic fire.

For now the crime scene tape is a part of the heartfelt memorial that grows outside the Williams' family apartment, with notes saying "I miss you."