Rothstein top partner Stuart Rosenfeldt charged by feds

Rosenfeldt allegedly used cops to harass prostitute

MIAMI – Imprisoned Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein's second-in-command at the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm has been charged by federal prosecutors with conspiracy to commit campaign fraud, bank fraud, and violate human rights

VIEW: Rosenfeldt's indictment

Stuart Rosenfeldt stands accused of conspiring with Rothstein to have two Broward Sheriff's Office deputies, Lt. David Benjamin and Detective Jeff Poole, run a prostitute out of town after her boyfriend threatened to expose the married Rosenfeldt's sexual relationship with her.

Benjamin and Poole then essentially broke into the couple's home, handcuffed the boyfriend, took possession of the prostitute's phone and deleted everything from it pertaining to Rosenfeldt, and told the prostitute to leave Florida or be arrested.

The following day two unidentified police officers drove the prostitute to the airport and ordered her to return to her home state.

Both Benjamin and Poole both recently pleaded guilty to crimes of their own and are awaiting sentencing.

Also part of the conspiracy was an allegation of bank fraud against Rosenfeldt involving more than $10 million in false checks and a loss of nearly half a million dollar by two area banks.

The government also alleged that Rosenfeldt committed campaign finance fraud by making more than $150,000 in contributions to the campaigns of John McCain and Charlie Crist that were illegally reimbursed by Rothstein.

Rosenfeldt is cooperating with the government and is expected to plead guilty to the single conspiracy charge for which he faces a maximum of five years in prison.

He is the 20th person charged in the scheme so far, with more arrests expected.