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Rapper Pitbull receives honorary degree from Doral College

Miami native praised for his support of education

DORAL, Fla. – Miami-born rapper Armando Christian Perez, known as Pitbull, has received an honorary degree from Doral College.

The award was presented to Pitbull during a graduation ceremony Tuesday for Doral Academy Charter High School and Doral College.

Anitere Flores, president of Doral College, presented the degree to the rapper.

"Alongside his professional achievements, which are well known around the world, his tireless devotion to his community and to improving educational access warrants this unique recognition," said Flores. "It is our privilege to award this incredible artist, businessman and South Floridian with this prestigious honor."

Pitbull is honored by the award and has been an avid supporter of education.

"I remember being kicked out of a public school because I didn't have the right address. That's why I want better schools for the kids who live where I grew up," said Pitbull. "That's why Doral Academy was founded, and that's why I helped create SLAM (Sports Leadership and Management Academy) in the neighborhood where I grew up -- a school that offers a choice for students, like me, students who need someone to inspire them, someone to believe in them." 

Pitbull is the first person ever to receive an honorary degree from Doral College.

Pitbull is a globally successful musician whose career sales have exceeded 5 million albums and more than 60 million singles worldwide.