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So many moments. So many memories. The Miami Heat has provided one thrill after another. From the days of Sherman Douglas through the title years of the "Big 3," there has been no shortage of hoops hysteria in South Florida thanks to the Heat. But there can only be one "greatest moment" and that's why Local 10 is asking you to vote in the Greatest Heat Moments Bracket... to choose the moment. Now it's on to the FINALS! Go ahead... it's tip-off... what are you waiting for? Let's go vote and let's go Heat!

#1 - RAY ALLEN'S 3-POINT MIRACLE vs. #3 - LEBRON JAMES COMES TO MIAMI - Before the start of the 2012-13 season the Heat brought in sharpshooter Ray Allen to provide extra firepower from the outside. Even if Ray failed to hit a single 3-pointer during the season, the one he hit with the seconds running down on the Heat season that sent Game 6 of the NBA Finals into overtime was worth his salary and then some. Allen's "miracle" allowed the Heat to follow up with a Game 7 victory over the Spurs and back-to-back titles. "This fall I'm going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat." Will a sentence ever top that one in the minds of South Florida sports fans? Free agent LeBron James uttered those words on July 10, 2010 when he announced on live television that he would be signing with the Miami Heat. 3 NBA Finals appearances later and possibly another on the way, it's safe to say that LeBron made the right decision. The Heat and James have been a marriage made in hoops heaven with, hopefully, no end in sight.

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