Man who posed as Broward Sheriff's Office deputy remains in jail

Detectives arrested Tiago Monteiro on charges of impersonating officer, false imprisonment


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A man who was arrested after allegedly pulling people over and posing as a deputy remains in jail Sunday morning.

Tiago Monteiro, 23, made his first appearance before a judge Saturday morning after he was arrested and charged with impersonating an officer and false imprisonment.

Deputies said Monteiro pulled over a car with a teen driver and two passengers by stopping his car in front of hers on June 6 near 400 North Federal Highway, claiming that the girl had cut him off. He walked to her car, quickly flashed an ID on a lanyard and ordered her to roll her window down.

After reviewing her license and registration, Monteiro told her he would let her go with a warning, deputies said.

Hours later Monteiro pulled over a man in Boca Raton, flashed a work ID from a telemarketing job, looked at the man's license and registration, and also let the man go with a warning, deputies said. That man used his phone to take photos of Monteiro, the Volvo he was driving and the tag.

BSO Public Corruption Unit detectives arrested Monteiro on Friday at his home in Coral Springs. He reportedly admitted to performing the fake traffic stops and told detectives he was targeting drivers he felt shouldn't be behind the wheel.

Monteiro did not have police lights, a weapon or BSO identification.

While Monteiro had applied to the BSO 14 times, he was never employed by the Sheriff's Office and reportedly has a history of mental health issues.