Niece of pope displays art at exhibit in Miami

Art exhibit open to public at Conrad Hotel

MIAMI – There's a new art exhibit in Miami in an unlikely place and by an unlikely artist. Pope Francis' niece and artist Cristina Bergoglio has her works on display at the Conrad Hotel in Brickell.

With strong masculine geometrical figures and feminine touches of texture and light, the Argentinian artist explained her urban compositions and her uncle in a Skype interview with Local 10's Mark Jackman.

Bergoglio said she is not religious, but spiritual and she doesn't subscribe to any one religion.

"I'm not afraid to say I see the church as outdated, and that's why I believe life has put my uncle to renew this certain system of thought that was getting stagnated," said Bergoglio.

The art exhibit shares a space with the restaurant and bar on the 25th floor and is open to the public.