Car registrations stolen at Tri-Rail station in Fort Lauderdale, Residence Inn Marriott

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A guard now patrols the Tri-Rail station in Fort Lauderdale days after more than a dozen cars were broken into at the busy train stop off Interstate 95 and Broward Boulevard.

Police believe the break-ins may be part of a theft ring where crooks aren't going after valuables. Instead, they're stealing auto registrations and car insurance cards that have your personal information.

Nose Noel was one of the victims. She told Local 10 investigative reporter Bob Norman she had nothing valuable in her car when it was broken into.

"I don't have nothing in the car," said Noel.

"You have nothing of value?" asked Norman.

"No, just my Bible and papers and my work and shoes," said Noel. 

Sources tell Local 10 News crooks are trying to steal people's identity. Car registrations and sometimes insurance cards have people's driver license number on it, which thieves could be trying to sell.

Although they would need additional information to get a hold of a legit license, a bogus one can serve as a primary document for people to open a bank account and fill out government forms.

The same group is believed to be behind a string of break-ins at the Residence Inn Marriott in Miramar. Surveillance video captured the crooks' getaway car. In that case too, sources say car registrations were stolen.

Security experts say the best advice is to watch where you park and make sure you have a good alarm. Also, if you believe you may have fallen victim, file a police report immediately and notify the DMV.