New video shows man drinking before fatal crash on MacArthur Causeway

Receipts show Lamborghini driver purchased alcohol hours before crash


MIAMI – New video obtained by Local 10 News shows the hours leading up to a deadly crash on the MacArthur Causeway.

Since the crash, the family of the victim killed has filed a civil lawsuit against the driver.

The video, which the family is using as evidence, shows Dr. Malcolm Lloyd and Andres Toro just a few hours before the crash, eating dinner and having drinks with two others at Casa Tua on Miami Beach.

Toro's Lamborghini was destroyed in the April 24 crash, another man was injured and Lloyd was killed.

Police said Toro was driving drunk and Lloyd's family claims the video proves that.

The receipts from the evening of April 23 show purchases for five margaritas at 10:53 p.m. Nearly four hours later, two receipts show nearly $300 in alcohol purchases.

After the last receipt was signed, the group headed to the Versace Mansion. Lloyd was killed in the crash a short time later.

Family attorney Ervin Gonzalez said the receipts only reinforce what they know and said the family will eventually ask for punitive damages.

"Mr. Toro was clearly inebriated," Gonzalez said. "His blood tests show that he was inebriated, and like a captain of a ship, you have to assure safe passage to anybody that's in your ship or your vehicle. So he should not have been driving. He should have found an alternative way to get Mr. Lloyd home."

So far, neither the restaurant nor the valet company has been targeted in a lawsuit.

Gonzalez said there is no proof they are at fault.