Car drives in S. Fla. with gas hose attached

Video captured by Local 10 viewer and sent to share@local10.com

MIAMI – Being in a hurry can sometimes make you do some really stupid... and dangerous... things.

Case in point, this unknown South Florida driver going full speed with a gas hose still attached to the vehicle.

The video, sent in by a Local 10 viewer, shows the driver of what appears to be a Mazda hatchback tearing down southbound I-95 after making a stop at the gas station.

Unfortunately, whoever was the behind the wheel forgot to place the pump back into it's rightful place at the station.

With the hose swinging wildly from the car as it tears down the highway, it looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

No word on when the driver finally noticed what they had done, but let's hope they're extra careful next time they fill their car with gas.