Justin Bieber heads back to South Florida

Bieber spotted by fans at Dream Nightclub on South Beach

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Justin Bieber is back in town and so far he's staying out of trouble. You may recall the hysteria from South Florida Bieber fans after his brief stint in jail earlier this year.

The pop star was spotted overnight at Dream Nightclub on 15th street and Washington Avenue on South Beach.

This time Bieber stopped to take selfies with fans, and even posted a picture on his Twitter page with the caption, "Told you. I got you guys ;) night."

Once he was done with his impromptu meet and greet, Bieber hopped into his black SUV, security in tow, leaving fans with hashtags and tweets to remember the encounter.

TMZ is reporting Bieber and buddy Khalil have worked out a plea deal for the DUI arrest earlier this year, and prosecutors are processing the paper work.