Designs unveiled for Fort Lauderdale train station

Passengers trains will travel to and from Orlando

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – On Tuesday, All Aboard Florida unveiled the designs for its Fort Lauderdale station, where state-of-the-art trains will take passengers to and from Orlando.

"The ultimate vision for this system is it's going to be able to connect all of the major destinations to the South Florida market," said Mike Reininger, president and chief development officer of All Aboard Florida.

The $30 million project is something local leaders say will boost the economy.

"This new station will mean $333 million in economic impact and 800 jobs in Broward County," said Barbara Sharief, mayor of Broward County. "This is an amazing project for us."

But with every major project, there are always concerned citizens. In this case, some worry that the new transit system will make traffic worse, with extra bridge and crossing gate closures.

"If this is done right this is going to work better for them," said Jack Seiler, mayor of Fort Lauderdale. "If this is done right, there is going to be less time with the bridge down."

"That's why the investment is of the magnitude that it really is," said Reininger. "Specifically to address the concerns that would otherwise exist had it not been for the improvements going into the system."

The Fort Lauderdale station will be located on Northwest Second Avenue between Broward Boulevard and Fourth Street. It is expected to open to passengers in 2016.

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