New FBI leadership pushes for stronger presence in South Florida

FBI Director James B. Comey says U.S. is keeping an eye on Syrian travelers

(FBI - FILE Feb. 26, 2014)

MIRAMAR, Fla. The Federal Bureau of Investigation in South Florida was adjusting this week to a recent order for additional resources.

FBI Director James B. Comey met with law enforcement leaders at the Miramar Cultural Center-Artspark, 2400 Civic Center Pl., Monday.

Comey said that the new resources were meant to continue targeting the increasing white collar crime and investigate Syrian travelers through the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Obama asked Comey to replace outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller June 2013. Muller had led the agency for 12 years.

When Comey was the acting attorney general, President George W. Bush authorized him to make changes to an anti-terror program to eavesdrop on domestic telephone calls and e-mail messages without a court warrant.

Comey did not certify the program. Obama cited his willingness to stand up to power in making his FBI nomination. Some civil libertarians said Comey ultimately approved another version of the wiretapping program and signed off on abusive interrogation techniques.

The Miami Herald's Jay Weaver and The Sun Sentinel's Wayne Roustan were at the Monday meeting in Miramar.