Florida man claims to be 'Bear Whisperer'

Florida Fish and Wildlife says Eugene Cifer is a repeat offender

Eugene Cifer calls himself the "Bear Whisperer." But he is not Charles Vandergaw or Steve Searles.

Cifers has been feeding bears in his central Florida neighborhood for years, but the Florida Fish and Wildlife prohibits it. Now the repeat offender may be facing some serious charges.

His neighbor Terri Frana told the FWC that Cifers was a "whack-a-doo" and that she believed it was his fault that a bear attacked her in April.

The bear nearly missed her eye with his claws.

While some of his neighbors were afraid of walking their dog for fear that a bear could attack them, he has developed such a close relationship with them that he has names for some of them.

Earlier this year, Florida Fish and Wildlife investigated an animal attack at 1900 Brackenhurst Place in Lake Mary.  FWC investigators found out Cifer was feeding bears at 1888 Brackenhurst Place.