Heather Hanono shares last kiss with fiance before boating accident

Couple had been planning to marry, move to NYC

MIAMI – It was a beautiful Fourth of July and the Hanono family was spending it together on their 36-foot Carrera enjoying the warm waters of Biscayne Bay.

As night began to fall, Heather Hanono and Jason Soleimani would enjoy a sunset kiss against the backdrop of Miami's skyline. Unfortunately, it would be one of their last.

Just over two hours later, Soleimani would die on impact when investigators say Andy Garcia slammed his boat into theirs. Heather's mom, Lynda Hanono, said the pair planned to marry and move to New York City. She said her daughter's winter clothes were already there.

Lynda's nose was shattered, and Shawn and Heather Hanono were also hurt and rushed to Mercy Hospital after the accident. The miracle in the midst of the chaos and heartbreak was that 2-year-old Ella, and 5-year-old Emma didn't even have a scratch on them after the crash.

But their mother, Dayanara Arias, remains in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

They are a family navigating through both grief and gratitude. They are thankful for the survivors among them, praying for those still in recovery, and remembering a loved-one lost. They are also coping with the understanding how one moment on the dark waters of Biscayne Bay has changed their life forever.