Miami police officer demands FDLE investigation after fight with lieutenant

Altercation caught on camera on officer's personal GoPro camera

MIAMI – A Miami police officer is demanding an FDLE investigation after he was suspended with pay and a lieutenant was reassigned following a physical altercation during a traffic stop.

Video recorded from Officer Marcel Jackson's personal GoPro camera showed him pulling over David Ramras, a lieutenant in the Internal Affairs Unit.

It then showed Jackson throw Ramras to the ground after Ramras tried to force his way out of the car.

Authorities said the reason Jackson didn't know who was behind the wheel of the Chevy was because the plates came back as a rental after he ran them. It turns out the rental is one of a handful used by the Internal Affairs Corruption Unit.

Meanwhile, Jackson was suspended with pay while Ramras was reassigned. The reason for the different punishments is because departmental orders state "If a superior officer(s) gives you a direct order and you refuse, you can be relieved of duty."

Jackson was also ordered by investigators to turn over his GoPro camera, which he initially refused. Besides an FDLE investigation, Jackson's attorney also demanded that his client be allowed to return to work.

After Internal Affairs completes its investigation, this case will likely end up in the hands of the Miami Civilian Investigative Panel, an independent group of civilians that oversees police misconduct.

Click here to read the IA reports for both Jackson and Ramras.

The report shows Jackson has had 20 citizen complaints since he was hired in 2005 and 12 use of force incidents.

Ramras has had two citizen complaints since he was hired in 1985 and three use of force incidents.

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