Local Jewish family targeted in possible hate crime

'Hamas,' 'Jew' written in cream cheese on vehicle


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Jewish residents of a Miami Beach neighborhood fear they are being targeted after two cars parked in their driveway were vandalized.

We woke up in the morning, and one of our cars was completely egged and had cream cheese all over it, and it said 'Hamas' and 'Jew,'" said Rachel, who wished to be identified only by her first name.

Rachel lives in a primarily Jewish neighborhood along Meridian Avenue. Her family called police Saturday morning after they discovered the cars had been vandalized. An Infinity SUV had cream cheese smeared on most of its windows, and the vandals had spelled out Jew and Hamas with the cream cheese. A 4-door Audi had been egged on its driver's side and roof.

"It makes us feel we were targeted," said Rachel. "And not us in particular, but our community."

The unrest between Israel and Palestinian militant group, Hamas, has claimed more than a thousand lives in recent weeks. This weekend Hamas ignored a cease fire agreement with Israel, so Sunday the rocket fire and bloodshed continued in the Gaza Strip, with no end in sight.

Now some people fear the Middle East unrest is sparking antisemitism views here at home.

"People know that we're Jewish and we live here, but to be targeted like that in America is very scary," said Rachel.

Miami Beach police are investigating the hate crime, and residents are on the lookout, hoping the vandals won't strike again.

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