Murder suspect lashes out in court

Anton Hendricks, 34, charged with 2nd-degree murder


MIAMI – A man arrested in the killing of a woman who was found dead in a field in Miami-Dade lashed out while making an appearance in bond court Sunday.

Anton Hendricks, 34, is charged with second-degree murder in the killing of 19-year-old Gena James.

Police said a passerby found James' body in October 2013 lying in a grass field near Northwest 25 Avenue and 81 Terrace.

Hendricks was arrested July 25, but he claims police arrested the wrong person.

"It's not me, your honor," said Hendricks.

"OK, don't speak at this time, sir," said Judge Steven Lefman.

Hendricks continued to interrupt the judge and then things took a dramatic turn.

"This is (expletive) though," said Hendricks.  "It's (expletive) your honor because I'm (expletive) innocent. I'm innocent! It's not (expletive) me. It's not me, man. You got the wrong person. I don't know what (expletive) information you got on your paperwork but it's not (expletive) me, though. It's not me."

After his outburst, Hendricks was denied bond.

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