Flying axe barely misses passenger in accident

No injuries reported despite close call on highway

(Massachusetts State Police)

TOPSFIELD, Mass. – There are close shaves and then there's this.

Passengers on a Massachusetts highway are lucky to be alive to talk about a frightening accident that saw them close to being hacked by a flying axe.

The accident occurred on I-95 near Topsfield, Massachusetts on Wednesday.

According to the Facebook site of the Massachusetts State Police who posted the picture, a landscaping truck had failed to properly secure the wayward axe and saw it fall off the vehicle and into traffic.

The axe went flying towards the trailing car and struck the windshield, lodging itself halfway through.

The unidentified motorists were uninjured but understandably shaken up. Police say their car was travelling at the rightful speed of 65 mph, but if they had been speeding, the increased velocity would have increased the power of the axe's impact.

Meanwhile, the truck driver was cited and fined $200 for failing to secure his cargo.