Billboard mocking LeBron rises in Ohio

Sign posted in Akron reminds LeBron he won his titles with the Heat


AKRON, Ohio – LeBron James may never forget his hometown of Cleveland, but someone is making sure he won't forget his adopted hometown either.

A new billboard that stands above the streets of Akron, Ohio gently mocks LeBron, reminding him that his two NBA championships were won with the Miami Heat.

The wizard behind the curtain who pulled all the strings to make the billboard happen was popular TV and radio host Dan LeBatard.

After being rejected in his attempt to get ads with the same message placed in Ohio newspapers, LeBatard finally broke through with the billboard.

Since LeBron announced his decision to return to the Cavaliers last month, many Heat fans are upset that the 4-time NBA Most Valuable Player never thanked them for their support during his four seasons in Miami.

Well, if LeBron refuses to recognize Heat fans, someone's making darn sure that he remembers that a major part of his legend was created in South Florida.