Interrogation tapes played in Pedro Bravo murder trial

Man accused of killing friend heard defending himself to investigators in interrogation

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Court adjourned for the day in the trial of Pedro Bravo, the young man accused of killing a University of Florida student.

The police interrogation tapes were played in court Monday and jurors got to hear Bravo defend himself to investigators.

"I see him, I shove him," Bravo told investigators. "(I) punched him once in the nose."

It was the first time Pedro Bravo's voice was heard describing the bloody brawl he said he had with UF freshman Christian Aguilar on the day he turned up missing in September 2012. Bravo initially told police he was only in a verbal argument with Aguilar, but as hours ticked by, the teen changed his story to a violent confrontation.

Detective: "So you strike him -- one time?"

Bravo: "One time in the back."

Detective: "OK, so you strike one time. Blood or no blood?"

Bravo: "He was already bleeding."

Detective: "So you strike him with the other hand right?"

Bravo: "Right here on the cheek."

Bravo was suspected of killing Aguilar from the beginning after giving police conflicting statements and vague information about simple questions.

Detective: "How did you get turned around, where did you turn around?"

Blood was found in Bravo's sports utility vehicle and Aguilar's book bag was found in Bravo's closet -- a book bag Bravo said he "forgot to mention."

Aguilar's body was found weeks later in a shallow grave. He had been poisoned and strangled to death.

Bravo denies killing Aguilar, who was dating Erika Friman, an ex-girlfriend of his from their days together at Doral Academy, but he said he became upset when Aguilar told him "you should kill yourself."

Detective: "What was the comment?"

Bravo: "You should kill yourself. You should do it."

Bravo faces life in prison if convicted of first-degree murder.

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