Business owner threatens to shoot after thieves steal wallet, phone

North Miami Beach automotive owner threatens to shoot after robbery

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A robbery caught on camera in North Miami Beach had a surprising twist as the business owner who saw it all unfold decided to put up a fight.

Mike Smith is the manager of High Tech Automotive. He said he left his office for no more than 15 seconds and thieves seized the opportunity to snatch his wallet and phone.

Surveillance video captured two men on bikes rolling up in front of the business.

Smith said he then saw them ride by. He thought it looked like they were leaving, but instead the crooks took advantage of an empty office.

Video taken on the inside of the building shows one of the thieves casually walking in, looking around as if he's committed the act before and then grabbing Smith's wallet and slipping it in his pocket.

As soon as Smith realized what happened, he went after them in his car.

"I followed the one up Dixie, pulled up in front of him again," said Smith. "He dropped his bike and jumped a fence. I put my hands on the fence and said, 'Stop or I'll shoot. Stop or I'll shoot,' and he stopped in the middle of the ground panicking, and he turned around and threw something out of his pockets onto the ground."

The thief dropped Smith's cellphone. Smith then picked it up, but his wallet was nowhere to be found.