Florida man accused of calling 911 for ride to store

Adam Lanquist, of Ocala, arrested on charges of misuse of 911


OCALA, Fla. – A 34-year-old Florida man was arrested on allegations of calling 911 numerous times and requesting a ride from police so he could get a drink.

Adam Lanquist, of Ocala, was arrested Tuesday on charges of misuse of 911.

According to Ocala police, Lanquist called 911 several times, cursing at dispatchers and telling them that his girlfriend needed to be arrested.

Officers conducted an investigation and arrested his girlfriend on domestic violence charges.

After they left, however, Lanquist continued to call 911, saying his girlfriend should not have been taken to jail but a rehab center instead.

During one of the calls, Lanquist also told 911 that he needed a ride to a store so he could get a drink.

Officers went back to the home and arrested Lanquist, who was taken to the Marion County Jail.