Chef bans ketchup at Mad Fresh Bistro in Fort Myers

Ketchup not served to customers


Hold the ketchup is the motto of one southwest Florida chef, who has banned the condiment from his restaurant.

The menu at Mad Fresh Bistro in Fort Myers reads, "Chef reserves the right to refuse service of ketchup." Even the website warns that ketchup won't be served to customers older than 10.

Xavier Duclos is a stickler for the rules. Born in New York City and raised in France, Duclos opened Mad Fresh Bistro in 2012.

Duclos forbids his customers from using ketchup, as well as salt. He is so adamant about it that he doesn't even keep ketchup at his restaurant.

"The worst I ever had was a woman who pulled out parmesan cheese out of her bag and then she pulled out ketchup," Duclos told WBBH-TV in Fort Myers. "And I just asked her not to do that, and then she never came back."

Duclos said customers will either adhere to his rules or they won't come back.

"That's the way I make it," Duclos said. "If you like it, you eat it, and if you don't, you don't have to come back."

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