Ana Alliegro sentenced in campaign finance scam

Alliegro sentenced to time served plus 6 months house arrest

MIAMI – Ana Alliegro, the political operative and self-described Republican "bad girl," was sentenced to time served plus six months of house arrest Wednesday morning by U.S. District Judge Robert Scola.

She will also be on supervised release for two years.

At her sentencing hearing, Alliegro apologized for her role in secretly managing the campaign in 2012 of Justin Lamar Sternad, who was a Democratic candidate for Congress in the 26th Congressional District. But Sternad's campaign was secretly financed to the tune of $81,000 by Alliegro, allegedly in concert with David Rivera, a Republican who then represented the congressional district.

Rivera has denied having anything to do with the crime.

But Rivera was criticized from the bench by the judge, who said Rivera evidently bore much of the responsibility for the deceitful campaign.

Alliegro briefly addressed the court and said she was sorry for what she did.

"I stepped up and took responsibility," said Alliegro.  "I tainted  the process and I owe the voters of Florida a huge apology."

Sternad released a statement after Alliegro's sentencing.

"Although I do not wish ill will towards anyone, I am encouraged that Ana Alliegro has now admitted involvement and been sentenced," he said. "I continue committed in doing everything within my control to correct my wrongdoing.  I will continue to cooperate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Attorney's Office in bringing David Rivera, and others, to  account for their involvement in the 2012 campaign. I wish Ana Alliegro the best of luck and I am also looking forward to getting this episode behind me."

Alliegro was released from federal custody later the same day.

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