Convicted felon was involved in robbing Miami-Dade retired judge, police say

FBI violent crime fugitive task force caught Marke Washington Williams


MIAMI – It was about 6 a.m., Friday. The FBI violent crime fugitive task force and Fort Lauderdale police officers surrounded a townhome.

It took Marke Washington Williams, 24, by surprise. The convicted felon was suspected of being involved in the recent robbery of a former circuit court judge at gunpoint in Miami Shores. He got away the day of the robbery, but it took police 10 days to catch him.

The robbery was Sept. 9th. Scott J. Silverman was home and was getting out of his car about 6 p.m. when a thin man jogged toward him. He lifted his shirt and showed him a black semi-automatic handgun. He then racked the handgun's slide. His demand: "Give me what you got." 

Silverman, 57, did not put up a fight. Police said he handed him his wallet and jewelry. He gave him his wedding ring and his retired judge's badge, which was inside his wallet. Silverman was a Miami-Dade County judge for about two decades and retired in 2012. He is now a mediator and arbitrator.

Silverman was lucky. North Miami Beach Detective John Gonzalez  was riding his bicycle nearby. He sensed the tension and asked the hurried man, "What's up?" And the man said, "Nothing." Gonzalez went to check up on Silverman and learned he had been robbed.

Seconds later, Gonzalez saw the suspected robber in a silver Toyota Camry that a heavier set man was driving. It had a yellow New York license plate. Gonzalez waited for Miami Shores police to file the incident report. They notified Miami-Dade police, but the car got away.

DOCUMENT | Read the Miami Shores Police Department incident report

Ten days later, Williams was arrested at 4711 SW 39 Ave., in Fort Lauderdale. Authorities took him to Miami-Dade County Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center about 8 a.m., where he was being held without bond Friday afternoon.

Williams, who used to live in North Miami, had been out of prison for only a year and had a pending warrant in Miami-Dade. His criminal history includes pistol whipping a victim and firing his weapon several times at a car.

In an unrelated case, Williams is facing charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, shooting a deadly missile and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

Miami Shores police said they were looking for the other suspect.

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