Coast Guard petty officer to face court martial

Tyler A. Banks is being accused of sexual assault and lying


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Coast Guard Petty Officer Tyler A. Banks likes comic books.

Banks likes Tate's comics in Lauderhill. He loves Batman. And according to his Facebook, he has watched every movie -- from Batman begins to The Dark Knight.

His profile pictures have included several depictions of Batman's archenemy the Joker. Last year in August, he had a picture where he was standing in front of a mural of the villain, and he tried to mimic his facial expression.

"Just call me good ol' Mr. J," Banks, 30, said on Facebook. A friend called him a "goof."

This week prosecutors in Miami will be presenting a case that may make Banks look like a real villain. The Coast Guard is charging him with two specifications of sexual assault and making official false statements.

The alleged incident happened March 2013. The investigation lasted four months, a Coast Guard press release said Monday. The Coast Guard did not specify if the victim was a fellow member of the Coast Guard or a civilian.

Banks is a damage control man third class. He is from Prescott, Arizona, and has served in Alaska. He is stationed at Coast Guard Base Miami Beach.

Bank's military trial is set to begin Tuesday. Rear Adm. Thomas Jones, Director of Operational Logistics headquartered in Norfolk, Va., will be overseeing the case. The details of the case will be released during the court martial, The Coast Guard said.