7-year-old piano prodigy records first album

Jacob Velazquez gains fans throughout U.S. including fellow musicians

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – Local 10 News discovered piano prodigy Jacob Velazquez when he was 5 years old. After Local 10's story aired, Jacob went viral and made national appearances on shows like "Good Morning America" and "The View."

Today, Jacob is 7 years old and is recording his first album. The first two singles have already dropped and can be bought on iTunes. They are a mix of electronic dance music and classical compositions.

"I love the beat in the background and I love to record," said Jacob.

Big-time musicians have recorded hits at Afterhours Studio in North Miami where Jacob recorded his album.

"We worked with Cheyenne, Shakira -- we have worked with Julio Iglesias," said Hal Batt, a record producer at the music studio.

And Jacob's work is getting noticed by them too.

"Yanni contacted us. He loves Jacob. Yanni is one of his biggest fans," said Batt.

Jacob has also shot a new music video for one of the singles and part of it was done at his school. Needless to say Jacob is already getting groupies.

"He got a girlfriend," said Jacob's mom, Tina Velazquez. "She announced to us that she was his girlfriend and girls are stealing kisses at the playground."

When Jacob was 4 years old he was diagnosed with autism, so a portion of the sales of his record are going to go towards autism research.

Once dubbed "the Baby Beethoven," Jacob is now making a name for himself. Of course the fast-fingered piano prodigy is taking it all in stride.

"Do you think you are going to be a superstar?" asked Local 10 News reporter Todd Tongen.

"Yes," said Jacob.

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